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Modular Design

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scales linear, many tuning possibilities




* added elasticsearch module

* added kibana web


* latest mongodb driver

* mongodb config switched to connection uri

* hornetq 2.3.0 final update

* jetty 9.0.6 update


* latest mongodb driver (2.9.1, fixed capped logfile bug)

* hornetq session handling fixed (modules stopped working bug)


* error message on now call for rest interface removed

* message payload changed to simple bytes representation

* removed special json parsing impl - switched back to jquery parsejson (payload related bug)

* bugfix for incorrect handling with ssl connections in live view

* hornteq upgrade to version 2.3.0 beta


* uses embedded hornetq for internal message routing

* clients can connect directly (port 5445) to the logserver

* jms bridge module added, to provide backwards compatibility

* flash live log implementation replaced by native html/js longpolling web

* rest interface enhancements (paging, message contract)

* logstatistic module performance improved

* statistic web scaling fixed

* update to the latest libraries

* cassandra and rabbitmq implementation removed (less complexity)

* selftest module performance mode (random=false) added


* log4j can be configured externaly

* db implementation changed

* selftest module improved

* some minor bugfixes

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